Aaron McAvinue

Full-Stack Software Developer

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I'm a JavaScript developer that produces functional applications for enterprises.

I can work with the full stack from front to back and my applications are unit tested to ensure reliable, quality software. I specialize in solving complex development problems and can dig in to resolve most hairy issues you have with your code, website, or application.

How I Can Help You

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On-demand tech consulting

We all know how frustrating it is when technology doesn’t work as expected. It’s supposed to send the email, download the file, or submit the customer info but it’s just not doing that. Free your time from technical headaches by letting me help discover your technical needs and guide you towards a solution.

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Make your customers happy

Customers using your product want simple, reliable solutions to their problems. The apps I build work well and are easy to use, engaging customers and allowing you to sleep easy knowing you’ll be improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Work with flexibility

Your business is growing, maybe even faster than your budget. Working with me means hiring only for the work you need, freeing up your cash flow for other business expenses. Get short-term projects done fast without the risks inherent in hiring full-time employees. Plus, getting a fresh perspective on your existing projects can drive innovation.

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Build an app that stands the test of time

I pride myself on creating high quality Works of Software that function well and are primed to handle the inevitable changes your company will encounter, right from the start. And my attention to design ensures your application is engaging, visually appealing, and is easy to use, too!


Case Studies

Ecommerce Wishlist

A well-engineered app that lets you create a custom wishlist from your favorite products.

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Weather App

An app for everyone that displays your local weather, built in a maintainable and scalable way.

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Image Organizer

An app that stores images, built with a tag system for mining unrelated images for creative inspiration.

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Local Movies Search

Local Movies Search is an app that helps users find movies playing in theatres near them.

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Hospice Maui

Website Update

I did an overhaul to the Hospice Maui website, providing them with development work and design input.

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Rich Functional List

RFL is a kanban-style plugin that features nested cards.

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